Fun Brain Exercises, Brain Games & Reasons to Train

You'll love the games

Fit Brains has the highest quality brain training games on the market.

Fit Brains helps you train crucial brain skills such as memory, concentration, problem-solving, processing speed, language, and visual-spatial recognition. Best of all, these games will make exercising your brain fun. Whether you are focused on completing your latest brain training session or you just dropped in for a few games, these games will always keep your mind entertained and challenged.


Training that's personalized to you

The Fit Brains system will tailor each exercise to your needs.

Games you play often will get harder as you improve and will always challenge you and provide a solid brain workout. Keep track of your progress with the Fit Brains Index scoring system & performance tools and follow our training recommendations for best results.

Easy and Accessible

Easy and accessible

The Fit Brains training system is easy to use anywhere.

You can log-in to your account from any computer with internet connection. You can also train on-the-go anytime with our mobile apps available on iOS & Android. Whether you are going on a trip, checking in during lunch time at work, or waking up in bed, Fit Brains will be there when it is the right time for you.