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Our FAQ Section

Here you will find commonly asked questions and information about our brain training app and online program. If you would like to send our staff a question or comment after reading through this section, please tap on the Contact Us in the footer at the bottom of your screen.

What are the Benefits of Fit Brains?

Fit Brains combines fun and engaging brain games with specially designed tracking tools to help users of all ages engage all areas of their brain in an entertaining fashion. Our games offer a varied and exciting workout across multiple areas of the brain. Our games are integrated with a broad collection of personalization tools that adjust training based on the user's skill level. We also provide Brain Fitness Metrics that measure individual performance and progress.

And, Fit Brains is the only brain training program that includes Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training in addition to exercising cognitive skills. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

Why should I buy Fit Brains Premium?

Fit Brains Premium offers more games and features than you can experience with the free version of Fit Brains. In fact, Fit Brains Premium gives you more games and more variety of activities than any other brain training product on the market, with a new game added every month.

Premium access to the program also allows you to seamlessly play the complete collection of games on your smartphone, tablet or computer and syncs your progress across devices, giving you the most in flexibility and convenience.

What is included in Fit Brains Premium?

A Fit Brains Premium subscription provides access to ALL brain training games - across our mobile app (iOS or Android), website, Apple Watch and Apple TV. You will have unlimited training sessions, and full access to performance tracking tools. In addition, you are able to use your subscription and sync your scores and data on any of your devices. Just sign in to the Fit Brains Network on your devices using your email and password.

How do paid Fit Brains subscriptions work?

Paid Fit Brains subscriptions provide full access to all of the features of Fit Brains Premium. Subscription is offered on a monthly basis and is automatically renewed at the beginning of a new subscription period unless your account is canceled.

How do I cancel my paid Fit Brains subscription?

Your Fit Brains subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply update your user account settings found under Edit Account. You can also submit a cancellation request to

Why should I gift a Fit Brains subscription?

Fit Brains has something to offer for everyone. Students, Professionals, Parents and Grandparents alike can all enjoy our fun brain games that will stimulate and challenge the brain!

How can I purchase Fit Brains as a gift?

With our new gift subscription options you can now easily share the gift of brain training with someone special in your life!

We offer Fit Brains gift subscriptions for 1 month and 3 month duration.

To buy a Fit Brains gift card simply go to the following page: and view the available options to make your purchase. Happy gifting!

How was Fit Brains Developed?

Fit Brains was designed by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, national leader in Brain Health with over 20 years experience in the field of aging. It was developed on a foundation of existing cognitive training research, and is backed by a strong scientific Board of Advisors.

Numerous studies have shown that certain brain activities can help maintain key cognitive functions.

In 2006, the ACTIVE Study, funded by National Institute of Health, demonstrated that older adults could improve their brain abilities with the correct training. Certain mental exercises can partially offset the expected decline in older adults' thinking skills and show promise for maintaining cognitive abilities needed to do everyday tasks. Some of the gains from training were seen to be beneficial 5 years later.

The Bronx Aging Study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, followed almost 500 people for more than 20 years. The research found that people who participated in mentally stimulating activities, such as interactive games and other leisure activities multiple times a week had a 65-75% better probability of remaining sharp than those who did not participate in these activities.

Another well-known study is the Nun Study. Scientists followed 700 nuns for more than 20 years. An interesting finding was that certain types of intellectual activity and stimulation could protect against many types of cognitive decline.

What is Brain Plasticity?

One of the essential concepts at the core of brain fitness is the concept of "brain reserve," which is also related to the concept of brain plasticity. At nearly any point of your life, you can strengthen your brain reserve by doing tasks that are novel and complex and that stimulate a balanced variety of areas within the brain.

Brain reserve relates to the brain's ability to physically reorganize itself in response to the demands placed upon it. A brain with a strong reserve is one that has formed many cellular connections and is rich in brain cell density.

How often should I play Fit Brains?

We recommend you play at least one training session per day, or that you play an equivalent amount of brain training games at a time (3). If you practice daily and target your weakest areas, you will likely see the biggest improvements to your brain score, even as early as a week or two of practice. If you want to see how your brain is doing in each area, we recommend you look at the progress meters in the Performance Section regularly to see your overall progress as well as your strongest and weakest areas.

How does the scoring work?

The xx/800 or xx/1000 score is your performance rating for ONE of the Fit Brains Index sub-areas, such as Focus or Memory. Each area has 8-10 brain games within it, so each game contributes 100 points to the total. The rating is calculated from over 150 million brain game scores from all users from our apps and the website. The xxx/5000 is the combination of ALL 6 of your Fit Brains Index sub-areas, into one unified Fit Brains Index, which is an overall indication of your brain training performance. The best way to improve your overall index is to work on the areas of your brain with the lowest scores, as those are usually easier to improve than your highest brain areas.

Scores generally start lower and trend upwards the more a person participates in brain training, so it is likely you will increase your percentile rankings as you play the games more and improve your overall performance ranking. Most people begin in the lower percentiles in most areas, and as their performance increases, their ranking percentile does as well.

How should I interpret the score comparison?

The percentages in the Details sub-tab of the Performance Section show how you rank with people in the same age and gender bracket as yourself (if specified). Scores generally start lower and trend upwards the more a person participates in brain training, so it is likely you will increase your percentile rankings as you play the games more and improve your overall performance ranking. Most people begin in the lower percentiles in most areas, and as their performance increases, their ranking percentile does as well.

The scores are normalized from more than a 150 million brain game results, so they represent a fairly accurate assessment of performance in each age bracket. Generally people have certain areas they are initially stronger at, but with practice, all of the brain area performance rankings improve.

How can I mute the sound effects?

To disable the sound effects you hear in the games follow these steps:

  1. Start playing a game.
  2. Pause the game.
  3. Tap the Sound On/Off button (Speaker Icon) to toggle the sound off.

How do I unlock the Intermediate and Advanced levels?

To unlock the Intermediate level in a game, you must achieve a score of 2500 or higher in the Beginner level.

To unlock the Advanced level, you must achieve a score of 3500 or more in the Intermediate level.

How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, please go to the Forgot Password Page. Enter your email, and a new password will be mailed to you within a few minutes. If a new password does not arrive within 5-10 minutes, check your junk/spam folders as the email might have been redirected.

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