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Check out some of our fun brain games and brain teasers even before you sign up for a Free Trial! Browse this selection of games to see what some of our most popular games look like.

From games that train your memory, to others that challenge your language and communication abilities, and even visual-spatial skills that stimulate creativity and problem-solving, you will feel as mentally stimulated as you are entertained by our brain games!

Stacked Discs

Visual-Spatial Games

From depth perception to directional ability and even driving skills, these games work practical skills! Stacked Discs (pictured here) is one of our most popular games, and works your visual-spatial abilities.

Matching Pairs

Focus Games

Want to hone your focus and attention skills? Matching Pairs is just one of our fun focus games that stimulates your brain and prepares you to sort complex information in your daily life.

Speed Sort

Speed Games

Discover our selection of games that will stimulate speed of thinking! Speed Sort is a fast-paced game that will challenge your ability to think and respond quickly.

Mahjong Match

Memory Games

Explore our fun games designed to work your memory in a variety of ways. Mahjong Match builds on the popular Mahjong tiles, but is designed to challenge your memory in a fun way.

Visual Sudoku

Logic Games

Fit Brains offers games designed to train your logic and problem-solving ability. One example of a popular logic game is Visual Sudoku, which helps work your ability to envision complex patterns.

Grow Words

Language Games

Check out Language games that will challenge and train your Communication skills! Grow Words, shown here, is one of our popular language games, which helps you recognize words based on fragmented stimuli, which can help you when learning new words.