Winter Recreation and Helmets

We have seen tragedies play out on the evening news describing how different people, including some famous persons, have lost their lives from accidents on the ski slopes or sled riding. For most, the winter related accidents involve falls with head injuries and head injuries remain a major problem for the young and old.

Sitting with our skull is our 3 to 4 pound brain that enables our every thought, movement, and emotion. It is critically important that everyone consider the sage advice of wearing a helmet when skiing, sledding, tubing, and even ice or roller skating. The same is true of bike riding, motorbike or motorcycle riding, skateboarding, and anything that involves wheels. As it is winter for many of us I want to reinforce the need for helmets with the sports in the snow.

While it may not be cool or attractive to wear a helmet, it certainly is much better than suffering a head injury that can lead to cognitive, emotional, and motor deficits or even death. Take a few moments this winter and place a protective helmet on your brain!

3 thoughts on “Winter Recreation and Helmets”

  1. I also recommend to use a helmet when rock – climbing. I almost died in Squamish in this more summer activity. I had my terrble accident exactly at the firt time I did not use a helmet after many years of climbing always with a helmet.
    I have acquired brain injury. I can finally consider rehabilitated from my brain. Fitbrains helped me to improve a lot also with fun.

    Thank you,


  2. I wrote about this subject on my blog. Did you know that there are 15 different events that take place either on snow or ice during the olymipcs? Did you know that in only 10 events the athlete’s wear protective head gear?
    I feel the same way…pretty or cool should not be considered when it comes to protecting your one and only brain.


  3. We ski up at Whistler, BC. Its a big mountain with lots of terrain.

    The kids, my wife and I have been wearing helmets for over 5 years now.

    The question is – Why Would You Not?


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