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NEW APP — Fit Brains: Memory Trainer — Download Now!


Another new app has just been released!  Introducing Fit Brains: Memory Trainer, a specialized “Target Trainer” designed to improve your Memory, Recall, & Recognition abilities through a collection of fun brain games.

If you sometimes have trouble remembering details in life like memorizing numbers and lists or recognizing new faces, the Fit Brains: Memory Trainer app is for you!


If you have been playing the original Fit Brains Trainer app, you’ll know the app targets different brain areas.  As each individual have selected areas where they need additional work on, we decided to create specific “Target Trainers” targeting each of the crucial brain areas.  We released the first Target Trainer a few days ago, the Fit Brains: Focus Trainer, which targets your Concentration skills.  Now this app will be targeting your Memory skills.

Fit Brains: Memory Trainer has 300+ unique training sessions and games.  Training is designed to improve the crucial areas of memory:

  • Visual Memory
  • Recognition
  • Face Recall
  • Delayed Recall
  • Free Recall

In all of our apps, the performance tools will allow you to track & improve your scores in different areas.  Best of all, if you’re logged into your Fit Brains account on your app, your scores & progress will be connected across all your Fit Brains apps!  This means you can improve your scores (including your overall brain score, your Fit Brains Index) by playing any of the Fit Brains apps!


So what are you waiting for?  Download Fit Brains: Memory Trainer now!

Thank you very much for being a part of Fit Brains’ community, we hope you have been enjoying all the new & existing Fit Brains apps (check out the column on the right for all our current brain apps!).  We have many more brain games & health apps coming your way, so stay updated with us on FacebookTwitter, & this blog!

Happy brain training!