Summertime can be Family Time

The hot lazy days of summer tends to provide ample time and opportunity for many activities. Youth sports, swimming, vacations, retreats, and all the time to spend with technologies. One thing that might not get accomplished is the simplicity of spending time with the family without any task or duty to accomplish, and without the technological gadgets that can distract us.

Family time remains critically important to the vitality and strengthening of bonds between parents and children and between siblings. Time can be taken each day or perhaps several times a week to simply stop everything and talk. A family sitting together inside or outside can relate well to each other. It might be uncommon for many families to share their thoughts and feelings with one another, but this will serve to strengthen the family bond.

Families can provide tremendous support to its members and be a place to voice concerns or fears. What might seem a bit odd at first can become a regular exercise of checking in with so the family stays a priority and not a thing that keeps us away from our cell phones, etc.

As summer winds down take a few days each week and create a family time where the members of your family will gather and talk. You will be refreshed and filled with energy and joy to be together focused on one another.

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