Summertime a Good Time for Brain Health

With warm weather and the summer season upon us it is a good time to consider all the benefits this sunny season provides for brain health:

1.    Increased exposure to the sun comes with Vitamin D which is good for the body     and brain.

2.    We can increase our mobility by getting outside to walk, play, swim, and run.

3.    Socialization can increase as more people commune to the outdoors.

4.    Exercise routines can become more routine and more diverse.

5.    We can enjoy nature and slow our world down thereby decreasing stress.

6.    We can increase our water consumption and reduce calories.

7.    Our moods can get a bit happier with blue sky.

8.    We may sleep better with increased physical activity.

9.    We can garden and do chores in the yard.

10.    We may be able to spend more time with the family.

So have fun this summer and enjoy all the brain benefits.

One thought on “Summertime a Good Time for Brain Health”

  1. This is so true – I get my elderly parents out walking every day in summer, and it makes them happy and alert, and blows away some of the cobwebs! We also do brain games, and brain exercises daily – they live with us. we came across a wonderful brain training course called Brain Tune and we got the first week free, it’s helped enormously and now its a daily ‘fun time’ with the older and youngest generations in the house.
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