New Years and the Resolution Thing

It is tradition for everyone to make a New Year’s Resolution, to change a behavior that will improve our lives. Such resolutions provide a sense of new beginning and a type of second chance. They are also most often short lived as behavior is very difficult to change. Try sleeping on a different side of the bed for one week and you will understand how hard it is to change behavior!!

A quick piece of advice regarding resolutions is to make it simple, small, and most important personal. Diets and resolutions that involve food, alcohol, or nicotine tend not to be very personal. Think of things that are more life shaping and perhaps involve relationships or how you approach others. Keep the idea small as one baby step change a year can add up to a new and better you.

The resolution needs to be something personal, practical, and capable of being consistently completed or changed. Keeping things small and in baby step progression will help you to be successful.

Happy New Year!

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