New Game of the Month: Traffic Lights, Play for Free!

New Game of the Month Traffic Lights

We’re excited to introduce our New Game of the Month, Traffic Lights! It’s one of our Premium speed of thinking games. Designed by neuroscientists and game experts, it’s both fun and rewarding. And, better yet, from now until February 1st, you can play Traffic Lights for free, anytime, anywhere! Are you ready for the challenge?

Your Traffic Lights Challenge

Click anywhere as fast as possible once you see the green light. This game is designed to stimulate your reaction speed, an important skill required to make quick decisions based on important information, for example, when you are driving.

Are you a Speed Demon? Find out!

Try Traffic Lights Now


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  1. The answer to the puzzle regarding the number of apples Jim and Wanda have (Jim=7 and Wanda=5), does not reflect that Jim has TWICE as many as Wanda. He has two more than Wanda, not 10 which would be twice as many as Wanda.

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