NEW APP – Fit Brains: Visual Trainer – Free Download!

Fit Brains Visual TrainerIntroducing Fit Brains: Visual Trainer, a specialized “Target Trainer” designed to improve crucial visual & spatial brain skills through a collection of fun brain games.

Whether you want to remember more things you see, react to visual cues quicker, notice more subtle differences, navigate & mind-map better, or learn how to visualize things mentally…the Fit Brains: Visual Trainer app can train & improve all these areas for you.

Fit Brains Visual Trainer app

Fit Brains: Visual Trainer has 300+ unique training sessions and games.  Training & games are divided into 5 visual-cognitive areas: Spacial Awareness, Visual Integration, Mental Rotation, Maze Training, and Mirror Tracing.

By training with Fit Brains: Visual Trainer for 5-10 minutes a day, you can gain these crucial visual-brain benefits:

  • Ability to observe & process things quickly & clearly
  • Ability to recognize subtle visual differences
  • Ability to estimate space, length, area measurements
  • Ability to create mental maps for navigation & travel
  • Ability to memorize things & places you see accurately
  • Ability to visualize 3-D items mentally
  • Ability to react to visual cues fast
  • Ability to coordinate sight & movement effectively
  • Ability to prolong concentration & attention span

In all our apps, performance tools will allow you to track & improve your scores in different areas.  Best of all, if you’re logged into your Fit Brains Network account on your app, your scores & progress will be connected across all your Fit Brains apps!  This means you can improve your scores (including your overall brain score, your Fit Brains Index) by playing any Fit Brains apps!

Fit Brains Visual Trainer appSo what are you waiting for?  Download Fit Brains: Visual Trainer for FREE now!

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6 thoughts on “NEW APP – Fit Brains: Visual Trainer – Free Download!

  1. Erica Dickinson

    Why don’t you merge all these into on app it would make it into one app as I tend to work on. The latest app and forget the rest .

  2. sam

    Please make the apps available for Windows phone Also! I don’t want to have to buy a new phone for this purpose…it is unfair

  3. Greg Geary

    I think there may be a bug in the Mirror Draw app. No matter what I do my avg reaction time is 6 sec. I’m not sure I completely understand how that trainer works. I’m not seeing the correlation between what I draw and where the trace lines lie.

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