Goodbye to my Friend, Mr. Positive

I am extremely blessed to have a job that permits me to travel the nation speaking about my passion, the human brain. Along the way, I have met so many great and interesting people. One gentleman I met during one of my talks was named David and he lived in Chicago. David introduced himself to me after one of my talks and shared his personal story that included the fact he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The thing that struck me as so significant about David was his enormous positive attitude and outlook on life.

David and I developed a real friendship as he invited me back to Chicago to speak to his friends, introduced me to his wonderful family, and kept me updated on his medical condition. He provided me so many great updates about how the tumor had not grown and that his seizures were in better control. He was doing so well that he even got permission to start driving again. Throughout our conversations, David remained so positive and always took time to ask about me. A real friend.

I learned last week that my friend passed away while asleep. He was on vacation with his family and simply did not wake. This is a tremendous loss for so many of us. I realize that this story is a tough one, but also a common one that so many people experience. I am left with a strong belief that I am blessed to have known mine friend and to have been personally touched by his positive spirit. That spirit remains alive today and I will carry it with me until my last day.

Goodbye friend, Mr. Positive.

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