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Ready to challenge your brain?  Below is a collection of brain teasers, games and puzzles & the answers.  You’ll be able to find all the past brain teasers, games and puzzles we have posted here.

Fit Brains brain teaser

brain game brain teaser

Brain Teaser - lion & unicorn


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser - Mystery Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle

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48 thoughts on “Brain Teasers – Games, Riddles, Puzzles”

  1. Your equation, (6-3)×11-9=24 is written wrong. The “×” adds a variable and becomes incomplete. Then becomes x=7.3333. It should have been written; 11(6-3)-9=24.

  2. I wouldn’t use the word mix in the emperor last chance marbles puzzle, sounds like mixing the contents between bowls. Swap would be better.

    Also, it doesn’t state that the daughter is the youngest in the family mystery, surely that shouldn’t be assumed?

    Great puzzles!

  3. In the second murder mystery, we have to assume Dan is still alive. But why? We know only that he ran in the marathon yesterday, not that he is still alive today. Perhaps the time of the murder shod be given. Only then could we conclude that Dan was alive.
    Also, the marbles solution gives you a slightly less than 50% chance of winning. If he mixed the bowls up evenly, his chances would remain firm at 50%.

  4. BEDMAS. Anybody remember that? It’s why McDonalds and other companies have wrong answers to “skill testing” questions. Whatever idiot they had write up their questions obviously forgot about BEDMAS and tried doing their equations left to write one number at a time. It will give you the wrong answer EVERY time!!! BEDMAS = Brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, adding, subtraction. That is the correct formula for determining the answer to such questions, which apparently Leway wasn’t aware of. It is also the reason why McDonalds had to award two prizes: they gave the prize to someone with the WRONG answer (because that was the answer they were erroneously looking for) and had to give the prize out again to the person with the right answer who had to bring in a mathematician to explain to McDonalds how mathematics works. If companies are going to issue aptitude tests, they might want to make sure the idiot they hire to make them up actually has an ounce of aptitude him/herself.

  5. @chris It’s not assumed, through hint 3,4,6 it’s determined that the youngest in the family is the witness, and hint 2 says that the oldest and the witness were not of the same sex, and hint 5 says the oldest in the family is the father which is male, so the youngest in the family must be female, and since the mother can’t be the youngest, so the daughter must the youngest.

    Hope this helps

  6. @Peggy, on the marble question – if you split them evenly, it is 50/50. If you put one marble in the one bowl, and the rest of them in the other bowl, you have a 74.5% chance of getting white. That is because your chance of getting either bowl is 50-50, so 50% of the time you get a bowl that is 100% white, and the other 50% of the time you get a bowl that is 49% white (49/99). so 50% all white, 50% mixed bowl which breaks out as 25.5% black and 24.5% white. So in total 74.5% white mixed that way.

  7. For The Emperor’s Proposition -> wouldn’t a better solution be to place all the black marbles at the bottom of the bowls and place the whites on top, then just pull from the top after they are swapped around? In case there are too few whites to completely cover the top layer, you could lay them around the edge of the bowl on top of the blacks and then just pick from the top edge of either bowl. Just my 2 cents..

  8. The one with the hats seems wrong to me. Everyone wearing black would be impossible for either the first or second guy to know, and it doesn’t give the third guy (us, I guess) any helpful information because the colors could just as easily be black, white, and black.

  9. For the marbles teaser, couldn’t you just split the black and marbles, then put the black marbles on bottom and the white ones on top. Then they could pick a marble off the top knowing it was white.

  10. I think it was great, I just like the chicken and the fox and the corn because that was the only one I got

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