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Fit Brains brain teaser

brain game brain teaser

Brain Teaser - lion & unicorn


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser - Mystery Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle


Brain Teaser Puzzle Riddle

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86 thoughts on “Brain Teasers – Games, Riddles, Puzzles”

  1. Your equation, (6-3)×11-9=24 is written wrong. The “×” adds a variable and becomes incomplete. Then becomes x=7.3333. It should have been written; 11(6-3)-9=24.

  2. I wouldn’t use the word mix in the emperor last chance marbles puzzle, sounds like mixing the contents between bowls. Swap would be better.

    Also, it doesn’t state that the daughter is the youngest in the family mystery, surely that shouldn’t be assumed?

    Great puzzles!

  3. “There are five people. One of them shot and killed one of the other five.” First sentence says five people the other six (One + other five = six).

  4. In the second murder mystery, we have to assume Dan is still alive. But why? We know only that he ran in the marathon yesterday, not that he is still alive today. Perhaps the time of the murder shod be given. Only then could we conclude that Dan was alive.
    Also, the marbles solution gives you a slightly less than 50% chance of winning. If he mixed the bowls up evenly, his chances would remain firm at 50%.

  5. @chris It’s not assumed, through hint 3,4,6 it’s determined that the youngest in the family is the witness, and hint 2 says that the oldest and the witness were not of the same sex, and hint 5 says the oldest in the family is the father which is male, so the youngest in the family must be female, and since the mother can’t be the youngest, so the daughter must the youngest.

    Hope this helps

  6. @Peggy, on the marble question – if you split them evenly, it is 50/50. If you put one marble in the one bowl, and the rest of them in the other bowl, you have a 74.5% chance of getting white. That is because your chance of getting either bowl is 50-50, so 50% of the time you get a bowl that is 100% white, and the other 50% of the time you get a bowl that is 49% white (49/99). so 50% all white, 50% mixed bowl which breaks out as 25.5% black and 24.5% white. So in total 74.5% white mixed that way.

  7. Too bad it didn’t say we were allowed to use parenthesis “( )” just + – x / but owell I will let it be…

  8. For The Emperor’s Proposition -> wouldn’t a better solution be to place all the black marbles at the bottom of the bowls and place the whites on top, then just pull from the top after they are swapped around? In case there are too few whites to completely cover the top layer, you could lay them around the edge of the bowl on top of the blacks and then just pick from the top edge of either bowl. Just my 2 cents..

  9. I found another one for Friday’s Fun. It was Eleven minus nine is two, two plus six is eight, and eight times three equals twenty-four.

  10. The one with the hats seems wrong to me. Everyone wearing black would be impossible for either the first or second guy to know, and it doesn’t give the third guy (us, I guess) any helpful information because the colors could just as easily be black, white, and black.

  11. For the marbles teaser, couldn’t you just split the black and marbles, then put the black marbles on bottom and the white ones on top. Then they could pick a marble off the top knowing it was white.

  12. I would put black on bottom and white on top. It says he switches bowls not mixes up the bowls. I would put whites on top. Then I would have a 100 % chance of living by picking only the top.

  13. Can you clarify the one about the hats. It seems like you have to be wearing a white hat. I agree that Barry and I cannot both be wearing a black hat, because then Albert would know that he is wearing a white hat. But it seems like if Barry saw me wearing a black hat, he would know that he is not wearing a black hat, based on Albert’s answer, and therefore would answer “white.” Because both were unable to determine the colors of their hats, I must be wearing a white hat, right? Am I doing something wrong?

  14. What if You put 99 marbles (50 black and 49 white) into one bowl and then a single white one in the other? That should increase the odds, right? Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to figure out the actual probability of getting a white marble out of a bowl with 50 blacks and 49 whites, but You could pour the black marbles to the bottom of the bowl and shower them with the white ones so the marble you pick up from the top would be white? Haha just a thought

  15. Marbles topic: the prisoner splits into two bowls, the first one contains 50B + 1W, the second one contains 0B + 49W. The prisoner is blindfolded but can still count the number of marble in each bowl by removing then one by one from the bowl. If he counts 49, he has 100% chance of guessing the right color i.e. white, if he counts 51, he has 50/51% chance of being correct with guessing that is is a black marble. The odds to survive are then 0.5 * 1 + 0.5 * 50/51 which gives us 99.02%.

  16. Wow this site was truly amazing I love it. The riddles are hard. (To me) but I enjoyed figuring them out. I am definitely going to share these with friends and family. Thank you for such a fun time. May God be with you.👋

  17. For the lion and unicorn one- its thursday. Justification:Lion lied a day before thursday,i.e,on Wednesday.So,he said the truth.Whereas the Unicorn lied on Thursday that he lied on Wednesday.

  18. @Darrel, you need to think of what the people behind the person in front of the line see. There are four possibilities for the first guy: seeing black-black, black-white, white-black, and white-white. Since there are only two white hats, that person would have immediately known that he was wearing a black hat if he saw white-white, and since he could not say with complete certainty what color hat he had, he could not have seen white-white. Out of the remaining three options, two of the options have black hats on the person in front and one has a white hat on the person in front. Assuming that the second person in line could deduce what we just did, he would know exactly what hat color he would have if the hat he saw was white (it would be white-black because it can’t be white-white). Given that he could not say for certain which color he was wearing, the person in the front of the line knows he must have a black hat, regardless of whether that leads to the black-black combination or the black-white combination.

  19. @Shiv bhakt
    For Albert to know for sure the color of his own hat, he would need to see the two white hats in front of him. In that case, because there were only two white hats available — his would have to be black. Since he didn’t see two white hats, he couldn’t know the color of his own hat.

    Barry knew that because Albert did not know the color of his own hat, Albert did not see TWO white hats in front of him, but Albert could have seen ONE white hat or NO white hats, and because Barry could see that your hat was black, he couldn’t know for sure if his own hat was white or black. If your hat was white, Barry would have known his own hat was black because the two of you could not both have white hats.

    You knew that Barry did not know the color of his own hat because Barry could see that your hat was black. He could only know his own hat color if yours was white.

  20. @Darrel and @Shiv:

    Albert can see 2 other hats. 1) WW, 2) BB, 3) WB, or 4) BW. If WW, he’d have known his hat was black (there are only two whites, and they’re used up). He didn’t say that. So you and Barry now know he saw 2) BB, 3) WB, or 4) BW. Barry can only see your hat. If he had seen yours was white, he’d have known the situation was #4 and therefore his hat must be black. He didn’t say that. So yours must be black. It doesn’t matter if the situation is #2 or #3: You only need to know *a* hat color (in this case yours), not *everyone’s*.

    So yes, as you said, Darrel, BBB gives neither Albert nor Barry enough info…but that fact in itself is exactly the info we need to know.

    To all trying to game the system by saying “put the white marbles on the top or sides”: Won’t work. It’s assumed the emperor is going to mix the marbles in each bowl before letting you pick. Nice try.

  21. dan can’t be the murderer because he ran a marathon yesterday. the murderer had his leg amputated and wouldn’t be doing a strenuous activity, such as running, after only a month. i suppose it isn’t positive that mike was the one killed, but dan didn’t kill either one.

  22. I’ve been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

  23. wow these are so easy and I’m only year nine can we have harder ones please. However, all in all these brain teasers are very good 🙂

  24. Prisoner Hat Question:

    I think the answer explains fairly well…but I’ll take another stab.

    (I’m the front guy)

    The back guy can only know his color if both the middle guy and me have a white hat. But he doesn’t know, so we’re obviously not both wearing white.

    The middle guy should also realize this…so if I’m wearing a white hat, then he would know for sure his is black. But, he also doesn’t know…so I can’t be wearing white.

    If I’m not wearing white…I must be wearing black.

  25. I think it was great, I just like the chicken and the fox and the corn because that was the only one I got

  26. It has to be Thursday. Therefore, the lion is telling the truth by saying that he lied yesterday. And the unicorn is lying by saying that she lied yesterday, too.

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