New App for Kids – Fit Brains: Sparky’s Adventures!

You asked for it, and now we delivered…

Our newest iOS brain training app for kids has launched!  Fit Brains: Sparky’s Adventures is now available for download on iPhones and iPads at the iTunes store.

Fit Brains: Sparky’s Adventures offers a first-of-its-kind approach to child learning and development. With a library of 200+ fun & healthy brain games designed for children ages 2 to 8, this app will stimulate the 5 key areas of your child’s brain and automatically adapts to the specific needs of your child.


  1. 200+ games for your child that are both fun and educational
  2. Each game stimulates a key area of the brain: Memory, Concentration (Attention), Problem-Solving, Speed, Visual
  3. Automatic adjustment of game difficulty to match your child’s skill level and continuing growth
  4. Rewarded treats that can be added to the “playground” to keep your child engaged and motivated
  5. The “Parents Corner” offers detailed tools & charts tracking your child’s progress in different areas
  6. A “Fit Brains Age Index” to show which age group your child is performing the closest to

Benefits for your Child:

  • Stimulate brain processing
  • Decrease boredom & increase educational fun!

In the Media:

The original Fit Brains Trainer has been highly successful, used and praised by people all over the world.  However, we have gotten many requests for additional tools & products and we knew we had to start expanding our training to the entire family.  We saw the lack of a comprehensive brain trainer for young children, and heard from many of our fans that they wanted a Fit Brains app geared toward their kids.  It was here that Fit Brains: Sparky’s Adventures was born.

We hope this new app will bring education into playtime fun for your children.  Leave us a comment below and let us know your child’s experience with the app!


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Fit Brains

Fit Brains combines brain games with specially designed tracking tools to help users of all ages maximize and round-out brain skills that help maintain a brain healthy lifestyle

17 thoughts on “New App for Kids – Fit Brains: Sparky’s Adventures!”

  1. Fit brains for kids is wonderful. My 7 year old grandson has filled up his playground. There really is no room for anything else! Both my 4 and 7 year old grandchildren absolutely love this app. Thank you.

  2. will the App download onto the itouch? trying to download onto my granddaughter’s itouch and the App doesn’t work!

  3. I paid for one year. In one place it says I’ m good til aug 30 14 but then it says ” you have used your free time”

  4. My 4 year old loves it, she asks to play it. She’s so far along that it’s asking her math questions. Great game

  5. My almost 3 year old has an age index of 7.8 years. She loves the game and I like that it keeps adjusting to challenge her.

  6. I have paid for one year too, but it simply doesn’t work. I can’ t press on the playground button!there’s always the same game (put the right object in the right place -water,earth,sky) repeating.

  7. We, my granddaughter and I, loved this free app and so purchased it.

    Unfortunately, it is now stuck in a loop of “where does this object belong”! We have not been able to exit it.

    I tried entering a “new kid”, but it never lets us do anything anymore other than the sea-sky-land thing.

    She is heart broken! Her play ground was progressing so nicely!

    Please help!

  8. Seems excessive that i have to buy the app for each individual child! I have 4 kids, I can not pay $40 a year for an iPad app. Disappointed, appears to be an excellent app, but I’ll look elsewhere!

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