Christmas, the Holiday Season, and our Psychology

Christmas and the Holiday Season represent much to the human psyche and have for thousands of years. Some will experience great joy, others a deep sense of reflection, and still others sadness. This will be a time of family reunion and an opportunity to rekindle relationships and heal wounds. Above all, it represents a time of spiritual connection and religious conviction.

Each of these emotions, good and bad are certainly related to and a product of brain function. We have some control over the feelings we experience, again an adaptive capacity of our brain. While there may be a reasonable sense to head in the emotional direction of sadness or bitterness you might try to divert to a more positive and happy emotion this Holiday Season.

Some practical steps towards happiness include:

1.    Give thanks for your ability to experience this Holiday.
2.    Take a moment and look at your family members.
3.    Pray for those less fortunate.
4.    Enjoy this day, it may be our last.
5.    Give away some of your possessions to the needy.
6.    Hug the little ones in your life.
7.    Hold the hand of an older one in your life.
8.    Tell those around you how much they mean to you.
9.    Stop what you are doing and close your eyes.
10.    Enjoy the few moments of happiness that can lead to more.

I wish everyone on our planet a very Merry 2010 Christmas, a joyous Holiday Season, and a 2011 New Year filled with happiness. I pray the people of this Earth live in harmony and peace with the understanding that is true greatness comes from working and living together.

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