The Best in May Brain News

Best May Brain News

Discover the latest May brain news and research in our latest monthly digest.

Psych Central : Early Life Brain Stimulation Linked to Robust Mental Health

Looking to combat cognitive decline? A new study has found that brain stimulating activities like leadership or management roles at work, continuing adult education or social engagement enhances mental agility in later years. Early and mid-life challenges help build cognitive reserve which provides a buffer against age or illness. Higher levels of reserve increase the chance of staying cognitively fit for longer. Start building your brain reserve and learn more about the findings of this large-scale research by the University of Exeter!

Science Daily: How Walking Benefits The Brain

Did you know that walking isn’t only good for your body but also your brain? Research by New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) reveals that this physical exercise can boost the blood supply to the brain. So go for a walk today.

NY Times: ‘Pacemaker’ for the Brain Can Help Memory, Study Finds

Scientists have discovered that zapping the brain with a little bit of electricity at the correct time may aid in enhancing memory. These findings might one day help create technologies to help people suffering from memory loss. Learn more about this cutting edge technique. 

Forbes : Too Much Sugar Linked To Reduced Memory, Brain Volume

Findings from a new study indicate that drinks laden with sugar are linked with brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease. On average, the more sugary beverages consumed, the lower the scores on memory exams and the lower overall brain volume. A reduction in brain volume has been associated with a higher risk for Alzheimer’s. Try to remove or lower the sugar in your drinks and discover more about this latest research! 

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New Brain Game of The Month: Try Tap Targets For Free!

Play New Brain Game Of The Month Tap Targets

We’re thrilled to introduce our New Brain Game of the Month, Tap Targets! Are you up for a challenge? Designed by neuroscientists and game experts, Tap Targets is not only addictive but rewarding. Try this latest speed of thinking game anytime, anywhere on any device today for free until May 15th.

About Our New Brain Game Tap Targets

Tap the target shapes as soon as you see them. To master this game, both accuracy and speed count! Tap Targets engages your ability to recognize and respond to specific visual information, challenging you to react quicker and with more precision.

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The Diet Secret To Eat Your Way To A Healthy Brain!

Secret Diet to Eat Your Way to a Healthy Brain

Diets – love them or hate them? Most of us hate them. But, did you know that there’s a diet that’s not only good for your brain but easy to follow? Yes, that’s right. In fact, there are 2 according to US News and World Report’s yearly ranking. The classic Mediterranean and the MIND diets are ranked #2 and #3 for Best Diets and also Easiest to Follow Diets. Both of these diets are acclaimed for their positive effects on brain health. Not only do they lower brain shrinkage but also combat cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

The MIND vs. the Mediterranean Diet

Based on studies that revealed which foods were good for the brain, scientists tweaked the Mediterranean diet to create the MIND diet. There are 10 key food groups including leafy greens, berries, nuts, fish, poultry, olive oil and red wine. Red meat, butter/margarine, cheese, sweets and fried or fast food are the core 5 that should not be consumed. The difference between the Mediterranean diet is that the MIND one does not require you to eat more than 1 serving of fish, does not include any other fruit and adds leafy greens to the mix.

Eat Your Way To Brain Health

The brain shrinks as we age. However, several findings indicate that people who followed a Mediterranean diet had less brain shrinkage as they got older. Studies also indicate that it, along with the MIND one significantly slows down cognitive decline.

A study followed participants for approximately 4.5 to 10 years. Those who adhered to the MIND diet more closely had better cognition scores including in areas like working memory, visuospatial and perceptual speed. Variables like education and exercise were accounted for and still the difference between those who scored highest versus lowest was equivalent to a gap of 7.5 years.

Scientists have also discovered that what we eat can have a big affect on the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Those who followed the MIND food plan most closely lowered their risk of Alzheimer’s by 53%, however, even those who moderately followed the diet, lowered their chances by 35%. Several studies reveal that the Mediterranean diet also reduces the risk. That’s pretty good odds especially with diets that are easy to stick to!

So why not have some salmon and kale salad today and be on your way to a healthier, happier brain? And, don’t forget to engage and reward your mind with our fun, smart brain games. We’ve the most games and most variety of any other brain training program so that you’ll always be challenged.


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New Brain Game of The Month: Play Grow Words For Free!

New Brain Game Play Free Grow Words

We’re delighted to introduce our New Brain Game of the Month, Grow Words! It’s a Premium language game. What better way to work your linguistic skills than with an exciting game? Get a headstart into Spring from now until mid March with unlimited access to this exclusive Premium game for free! Designed by neuroscientists and game experts, we bet you’ll love Grow Words at first tap! Are you ready?

About Our Brain Game

Click on the available tiles at the bottom to spell words with 3 to 7 letters. Do you like word puzzles? Then, you’ll find this game hard to put down! Grow Words challenges you to recognize words based on fragmented stimuli, which is useful when learning new words.

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Want To Get Better Brain Function For Life? Here’s How.

Get Better Brain Function For A Lifetime! Here's How.

Do you want your brain to perform at its best, in the present and in the future? How can you achieve this? Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital conducted a study of 17 “superagers,” seniors who have the brain function of 20 year olds. The scientists searched for key differences between superager brains and regular brains. And, if so, whether the findings could help improve brain function throughout one’s lifetime.

Yes, there were differences and, yes, they found ways to boost brain function. Superagers brains were bigger in regions where the normal brains were smaller. Surprisingly, the areas weren’t associated with mental reasoning but, rather, linked to emotion.

How do you stimulate the emotional regions? Well, it’s not by reading a sad novel or getting angry. It’s by challenging yourself until you are outside your comfort zone, then you have to push past this stage. Interestingly, it can be either a physical like a strenuous hike or a mental effort like solving a difficult puzzle.

So what are some ways to challenge yourself?

  1. Learn an instrument – set a deadline for when you’ll perform a song in front of your family, friends or peers
  2. Study a new language – plan a date to read a book or to speak with a local in that language
  3. Participate in Tough Mudder – or an equally physically challenging activity that will take you past your comfort zone. Eg. Cross Fit, cycling
  4. Take up meditation – sign up for some classes or read a book and then practice for longer periods day after day

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