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Fit Brains is a cutting-edge, brain-training program brought to you by Rosetta Stone, a premier learning company with leading products used by schools, business and government organizations, and millions of individuals around the world.  Fit Brains helps you train your brain skills to stimulate cognitive performance. The Fit Brains program has been downloaded by over 18 million people in 90+ countries, with 100,000+ reviews averaging 4.5 stars worldwide! 

The Fit Brains program offers cognitive stimulation across 6 major brain areas: Memory, Concentration, Speed, Logic, Visual and Language. 

The Fit Brains program includes 50+ fun brain games, 500+ personalized training sessions, and visual tools to help stimulate brain performance & cognitive skills. The games utilize an innovative adaptive learning system that automatically scales the level of each brain game to your appropriate level. The Fit Brains program is regularly used by public schools, universities, health institutions and top-tier organizations.


Your Fit Brains training can be accessed on any computer with internet connection. You can also train on-the-go with the Fit Brains mobile app.

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