Doodle For Your Memory

Doodling Boosts Your Memory

New studies in Neuroscience reveal some promising news that can benefit all of us, and will certainly resonate with the would-be artists among us. Findings show that doodling or sketching while digesting new information, such as listening to a lecture or presentation, can better instill the new information in your working memory.

How Doodling Improves Your Working Memory

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so it really should come as no surprise that doodling can help improve your memory for associated information. Of course for doodling to help you remember it helps to create sketches that are in some way relevant to the topic at hand. When you look back at your sketchwork it will help trigger a reminder of what you heard while you were creating that particular doodle.

These findings are in contrast to simply writing down word-for-word notes of what you heard, which does not yield the same powerful effect on your brain. This is because there is power in images. Your brain is able to connect the information with the associated image. So, consider doodling the next time you need to learn something new or remember an important piece of information.

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