Introducing Our New Game of the Month: Blinking Lights!

Fit Brains New Game Blinking Lights

We’re excited to introduce our latest game, Blinking Lights! And, we’re celebrating our launch by giving you FREE access for a limited time to this exclusive PREMIUM web game. From now through May 29th, you can play for free. Entertain and train your focus. Got what it takes to set the top score? Start your challenge now with this addictive game. You’ll love it at first tap! Try Blinking Lights now.

How to Play

Closely watch the pattern of lights flashing. Can you repeat the pattern? Play this web exclusive game on

What You’ll Train

This fun game will stimulate your ability to concentrate while memorizing repetitive information. You only need 5 minutes with this game to train your brain. But, you won’t be able to put it down! Try Fit Brains new game Blinking Lights today.  Sign up for our FREE TRIAL or login to your account!  Don’t wait, it’s only free to play through May 29th!


The Fit Brains Team

“Brain Training Success”



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