40 Healthy Alternatives to Sugar Cravings

fruit kebabs

We have compiled a list of 40 healthier alternatives you can reach for when the sugar cravings pounce. ¬†Limit your children’s consumption of candy as well by offering them some of these treats instead!

  1. Fruit kebabs
  2. Berry salad
  3. Dried fruits
  4. Chewing gum
  5. A square or two of dark chocolate
  6. Home-made fruit & yogurt popsicles
  7. Mashed sweet potatoes
  8. Healthy smoothie
  9. Unsweetened Greek yogurt topped with fruits
  10. Low sugar frozen yogurt/Sorbet
  11. Light chocolate milk
  12. Peanut butter & jelly on whole wheat toast
  13. Pretzels dipped in melted dark chocolate
  14. Blended frozen bananas
  15. Baked apple stuffed with nuts & oats
  16. Fruit custard
  17. Frozen grapes
  18. Healthy muffins
  19. Trail mix
  20. Whole grain cinnamon raisin toast
  21. Light banana bread
  22. Oatmeal topped with brown sugar & cinnamon
  23. Hot cocoa made with low-fat milk
  24. Fruit spread on crackers
  25. Coconut water
  26. Dates
  27. Prunes
  28. Flavoured tea
  29. Water with lemon or orange slices
  30. Nuts with a little honey drizzled on top
  31. Sweet corn
  32. Cherry tomatoes
  33. Dill pickles
  34. Baby carrots
  35. Baked sweet potato or squash fries
  36. Popcorn mixed with bits of dark chocolate
  37. Healthy granola bars
  38. Chocolate flavoured rice cakes
  39. Light jello
  40. Low fat milk with a little honey

What do you eat when you crave something sweet?  Share with us in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “40 Healthy Alternatives to Sugar Cravings”

  1. tammytunissecretsanta it says “40 Healthier Alternatives” not “40 Sugar-Free Alternatives”! I personally think this list is very helpful. Thank you, Ariel!

  2. I too find this list most helpful. I’m not looking for sugar free (besides I have health issues with artificial sweeteners) – I’m looking for ideas exactly like these. Thank you so much.

  3. This list has helped us a ton! My boyfriend has a candy-loving problem and he is trying to take unhealthy sugar out of his diet. He was craving sprees so I pulled up this list and he found so many appealing healthier choices that could satisfy is craving. Snacks we have never thought or knew about! Time to go to the grocery store! Thank you!

  4. Glad that you found this list helpful! We provide many tips and lists for a healthy, happy lifestyle so be sure to keep reading our blog. Thanks, The Fit Brains Team

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