Stress Damaging to the Brain

Following up on my previous blog on the brain and the importance of keeping peace and harmony in the brain is a new study that indicates stress can cause damage to the brain.

Living a stressful life has been found to atrophy the cortex of the brain, the critical part that processes information consciously. Stress also can cause damage in areas of the brain the regulate emotion.

A lead researcher with Yale University observed 100 healthy participants using MRI scans while they answered questions about potentially traumatic life events, including the loss of loved one, job or home. The authors found a direct relationship between the experience of stressful life events and structural changes in the brain. This supports other research on chronic stress and structural changes and functional changes, particularly memory function in the brain.

Overall, the growing body of research on the impact of stress on the body and brain demands we all take time to care for ourselves and create periods of the day that are stress free.

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  3. Stress may affect on different parts of brain and therefore we should be more careful about not taking stress .One best way to keep our life stress free is to do lots of exercise or meditation and eat healthy food along with doing lots of out door activity .This will really work in living a stress free life.
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  4. The brain is a complex machine and it is sometimes difficult for people to know what is going on inside. I’m a busy person and i too am burdened by stress. This has caused many problems in my daily life but unable to go to the doctor because of my busy schedule i spoke to an out of hours doctor that explained how this stress is affecting my body and causing the symptoms i’ve been having. Thanks for your post, it helped add another reason why i need to rearrange my priorities to save myself.

  5. Taking lots of stress may lead to damage of cells in brain as it may effect the several area therefore we should live a stress full life otherwise this problem may lead to various disease such as hypertension or depression problem.
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  9. i cant agree more.. a while back i lost my job and had some much in mind which effected my relationships as well.. i never felt sicker than that time.. i felt like I’ve lost everything and everyone. i can totally relate my physical health to my mental state at that time,

  10. I have been training with your fit brain programme for two weeks and find the ideas about neuroplasticity and brain health fascinating. If you know of other materials or sites that contain accurate information on brain health, I would be grateful to learn about them .
    Thank you!

  11. I have enjoyed and learned from your website. I am an RN with a history of depression. My question is this: can neurotransmitters be measured. Matching an antidepressant with symptoms is a long process. There has to be a better way to help people with this illness
    Thanks Maureen

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