Please Speak into my Dominant Ear


The human brain has what is known as a dominant side and a non-dominant side. Dominance is determined by where language is processed and for the vast majority of humans we believe the dominant side is the left side or left hemisphere. Interestingly, we are not sure why the left side evolved to be dominant, but perhaps it had something to do with cave men and women using their right hands more often.

As language is processed primarily by most in the left hemisphere it is important to note that words are best processed when spoken into the right ear. The right ear processes information primarily using the left hemisphere while the left ear uses the right hemisphere.

A recent study found that words were more deeply processed when spoken into the person’s right ear. Therefore, if you want me to remember something for you please speak to me on my right side.

2 thoughts on “Please Speak into my Dominant Ear”

  1. I am deaf in my right ear and have been since I was a young child. I have always been very emotional and tend to always “take to heart” everything that people say to me. I can only hear with my left ear. I find this article to be right on target with what I experience daily. Other people think that with my one “good” ear everything should be alright but I constantly struggle in social situations.

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