The 5 Major Brain Areas: Memory

The human brain is very complex and responsible for all behavior, and we are continually learning new information about how it operates. Behavioral and cognitive functions can be organized into five distinct domains to include : Memory,  Attention & Concentration, Language Skills, Visual & Spatial and Executive Functions (Logic & Reasoning).


Memory and new learning is a necessary and important function of the human brain. Our ability to live independently and to function normally is a direct result of a normal memory system. Our life story is built by encoding and retaining our daily experiences. Our personal identity is framed by our memory and ability to learn from these memories.

Memory and new learning begins with the Hippocampus, a critical structure in the middle temporal lobes of both hemispheres of the brain. This is the structure that enables learning and transition of new learning into a permanent storage site in the Cortex. The Hippocampus has the ability to generate new brain cells with stimulating environments, can be damaged with chronic stress, and is hit early by Alzheimer’s disease. Damage to the Hippocampus results in memory deficits.
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  1. Many dream – the time will come when we will be able to read information stored in the cerebral cortex. Magnetic resonance method is not suitable, because MRI does not follow the rapidly changing brain activity and EEG is unable to determine exactly where the signal is present. This may change with the advent of the light microscope. Neurons emit light, and light will catch the scanner for further deciphering the brain. Certain difficulties arise from glial cells. In the temporal regions of the brain glial cells is significantly less. Scan in a dream will only lead to a reduction in the activity of parallel neural networks, which will also contribute to the choice of the signal. About 80 neurons in the convolutional columns have the same information that can help in deciphering the impulses from the receptors on the dendrites neyronov.Pridet particular time when we will be able to read information stored in the cerebral cortex.

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