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The Power of Positive Thinking

As we learn more about the power of the human brain it is more common to hear about ideas regarding our ability to guide our future, intuition, and premonition. Given that the brain is an electrical, magnetic, and chemical system we should not be too surprised by such ideas.

Research has already demonstrated the brain’s ability to move a cursor on a computer screen merely through thoughts. Other research indicates meditation can slow the progression of HIV and the military is presently working on communication between soldiers on the battle field that is essentially based on telepathy.

We are perhaps more accustomed to ideas such as mental focus, discipline, and attention. These mental qualities are perfected by athletes such as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to name a few. It is precisely these attributes that distinguish these professionals as superstars relative to the other great athletes. Can the human brain train to use these forces to guide their future and to derive positive outcomes?

My opinion is that the human brain can do anything so I certainly believe each of us has the ability to visualize and to increase the probability of our future being a good one. I believe we have the ability to imagine or dream and to focus our energies in a positive stream towards that goal. This is most likely quite foreign to most, but begin by developing more and more positive thoughts, visualize positive outcomes, and create energy around you and inside you that is positive. Take an inventory of what occurs in your life after you begin and sustain this mental process.

Happy Trails.

Goodbye to my Friend, Mr. Positive

I am extremely blessed to have a job that permits me to travel the nation speaking about my passion, the human brain. Along the way, I have met so many great and interesting people. One gentleman I met during one of my talks was named David and he lived in Chicago. David introduced himself to me after one of my talks and shared his personal story that included the fact he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The thing that struck me as so significant about David was his enormous positive attitude and outlook on life.

David and I developed a real friendship as he invited me back to Chicago to speak to his friends, introduced me to his wonderful family, and kept me updated on his medical condition. He provided me so many great updates about how the tumor had not grown and that his seizures were in better control. He was doing so well that he even got permission to start driving again. Throughout our conversations, David remained so positive and always took time to ask about me. A real friend.

I learned last week that my friend passed away while asleep. He was on vacation with his family and simply did not wake. This is a tremendous loss for so many of us. I realize that this story is a tough one, but also a common one that so many people experience. I am left with a strong belief that I am blessed to have known mine friend and to have been personally touched by his positive spirit. That spirit remains alive today and I will carry it with me until my last day.

Goodbye friend, Mr. Positive.

Herbal Goodness: Rosemary

The savory scent of rosemary can perk you up and boost your memory, and it also adds flavor to just about any marinade. Marinating meat will not only help keep your meat moist, it also significantly decreases the amount of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (HCAs) produced when meat is cooked at high temperatures. In fact, rosemary is full of the antioxidant carnosol, which might have some specific anti-cancer properties as well. Making a marinade with rosemary sounds like a win-win situation.

source FitSugar

Music as medicine: Docs use tunes as treatment

Listen carefully and you’ll hear the same refrain at a rising number of hospitals. From Massachusetts General to the Mayo Clinic, patients are hearing the first strains of a harmonious movement — the infusion and inclusion of music in the treatment of ailments, from brain disorders to cancer. This goes beyond the psychological smile favorite songs can induce.

Doctors are increasingly studying — and employing — the physiological dance music does with the body’s neurons and blood-carrying cells.

Researchers explore how melodies can help regulate heart, boost hormones