About Us

Fit Brains is a fun and challenging brain training program brought to you by Rosetta Stone, a premier learning company. Fit Brains was designed by game experts with inputs from neuroscientists, and strives to make brain training accessible and affordable to all. Our games are designed to challenge different areas of your brain, but in a fun and game-like way.

Fit Brains is an award-winning, personalized brain games app and online program that challenges you to perform at your best. Our program has 60+ fun games, 500+ personalized training programs, and in-depth reports on your game performance. Fit Brains has been ranked the #1 education app in over 90 countries, with a rating of 4.5/5 and over 18 Million downloads.

Our program has fun and engaging games that challenge different areas of your brain, including: Memory, Focus, Speed of Thinking, Logic and Problem-solving, Language and Visual-Spatial Recognition. Plus, in addition to training cognitive skills, we are the only brain training program to train your Emotional Intelligence skills, including: Social Skills, Social Awareness, Self-Awareness and Self-Control. The program also automatically adapts to you based on your progress, and customizes training to give you the appropriate level of challenge along the way.

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